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Hi, I'm Jill.

Let’s get to the point, why should you work with me? Why am I so unique?   


Putting passion first. I flourish in an environment where I can make a difference and drive home a brand strategy that tells a truly authentic story. I excel working within organisations that put passion first — for people, culture, and purpose. This, mixed with my infectious energy, enables me to deliver exceptional creative and craft brands from unique angles.


Chasing butterflies. I’m passionate about the power of creativity and how it can transform organisations, brands, and drive results. I trust my gut to identify and nurture the best ideas and continuously push how we solve creative and business challenges. 


Leading the dreamers and doers. Creatives can be dramatic. We can be passionate. We can get stuck in the weeds and dive in so deep that it’s sometimes hard to get us out. I understand how to manage the personalities that come with such dynamic people. It takes a combination of understanding and care, tough love and hugs. Appreciating their specific needs and knowing when to push and when to back off to get the best from them.


Building relationships and trust. I believe in taking people on a journey, not just delivering them to a destination. I earn trust and become a key partner with my transparency and openness. Harnessing my infectious energy, I fully engage both team members and stakeholders in the creative process, integrating them in the approach and demystifying design.

Delivering the great idea. The initial concept is just the beginning. I expertly balance driving progress with allowing my team the space they need to nurture creativity. I keep sight of the big picture on each project — managing expectations and processes to ensure creative is delivered on time, within budget, and in every format imaginable.

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