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The Academy


Can a brand be down with the kids, and the adults too? Yes, , if you speak to them honestly, focus on their specific needs, and tell genuine stories.

MY ROLE: Creative strategy, art and design direction.


You're not just a bolt on

Promoting the ANS Academy to two contrasting audiences – prospective students and businesses looking for apprentices – was a unique challenge. 


The look and feel needed to find balance in speaking to their separate interests, while also never coming across as the lowest common denominator between the two. 


And this whole juggling act had to also fit as an ANS sub-brand.


To solve this problem, I kept our focus on demonstrating the importance of three key promises we make to all our apprentices: 


You’re not just bolted on. ANS apprentices’ work is deeply integrated within the business’s overall goals (you’re never sidelined).


We’ve got the best tools and teachers. Doing an ANS apprenticeship gives you access to the very best training and learning resources (like nowhere else).


We know the value of FUN. ANS understands that the apprentices who really enjoy their work and learning are the same apprentices who are most invested in what they do. That way, they achieve better results (for them, for us, and for our customers).

ANS Academy Logo - Light Blue.png
Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-08.png
Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-06.png

Look & feel 

Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-02.png
Academy Billboard mock.jpg

Look & feel 

Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-09.png
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1 copy.png
Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-10.png
Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-15.png
ANS Academy - Colour exploration.jpg
Academy branding - FRANKENSTEIN-13.png
ANS Academy billboards1.jpg
Academy branding - FUTURE.jpg
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